Essential Maori Phrases cover image

December 23, 2019

Essential Maori Phrases

The Maori language is an offical language of New Zealand and it is widely spoken in New Zealand along side of the other offical language which is English. You will see Maori in the news, on signs, in museums and even grocery stores. People will welcome...


Meeting the Maori cover image

December 21, 2019

Meeting the Maori

I went to Rotorua and it had a lot of geothermal activity so it smelled like sulfur. I went to a naturally fed hot tub and pool. At the end of my visit I went to a Maori cultural experience. The Maori people arrived in New Zealand in around 1320. They...


Conversions in New Zealand cover image

December 18, 2019

Conversions in New Zealand

America and New Zealand are the same in many ways. Both countries have many of the same brands like Mcdonald's, Coca-Cola, Mclaren, and Hilton. Both countries love coffee. I have had a lot of coffee while being here and it is better here. Both also call...


We Are Safe cover image

December 9, 2019

We Are Safe

At around 2:00 PM in White Island in the Bay of Plenty off the coast of the North Island, there was a volcanic eruption that was more powerful than any of the eruptions in the past 60 years. There were an unknown number of injuries. I was 150 miles away...